Entrance to Dan's Cave

Successful hunting

Banding Abaco Parrot

Hole in the Wall

The Suburban used on the Tours

Blue holes and caves

Dan' Cave

 The blue holes in South Abaco are historical , cultural and geological treasures. They have the  names after the appearant blue color of the surface water in some of them.

simply said , the blue holes are made by several erosional processes. There are inland blue holes and marine blue holes.

One of the most famous blue holes are Sawmill Sink. It is an inland blue hole , about 110 feet deep. It special due to the fossils  of tortoise and crocodiles that has been found there. You can swim in Sawmill Sink, but no diving

Dan's Cave and Ralph's Cave are famous underwater caves , still being explored. They both have beautifull "crystall "rooms. You wil be able to see the entrances and to swim  there.

These blue holes and caves are now made National Parks  for protection and conservation


bat caves:

There are 2 spices of bats that can be observed; big headed bat and Buffy flower bat


We usually combine the blue holes/ caves with finding and photographing our famous Parrot.


bring a towel for your swim in Sawmill Sink



Our dogs getting ready for wild boar hunting

Wild boar hunting with dogs

We start at daybreak , dressed for the occasion and weather ( long sleeves and long trousers, good shoes).The dogs are in the back of the truck , eagerly awaiting the days search for hog. Already sniffing in the air, they know their job: no dog- no hog.

According to wind direction , Marcus has already decided where it is best to start the search. Guns and knifes are safely secured in the vehicle , and off we go into da bush

Are we having hog -sous and Johny cake for supper tonight? There is a 50/50 chance for that, and if no luck , you have definitely had a special  experience in da bush with Marcus and the dogs



Pigeon hunting in season

The season starts September 29th for the white crowned Pigeon , and ends March 1st 





Bahamian race of Cuban Parrot. Chicken being banded

Abaco has a rich and varied bird life. Roughly 213 species are observed

Special birds to see in Abaco are the Bahamian race of Cuban Parrot. They can only be found in Abaco and Great Inagua. The Abaco parrot nests in cavities in the limestone . The Abaco National Park was established to protect their habitat. 

You might also find  the West Indian wood pecker, the Bahama wood star, the Bahama yellowthroat and  the Bahama swallow

we bring binoculars and bird books

You need good shoes and long sleeved top

Hole in the wall

Hole in he the Wall lighthouse

It is a long  ride down to Hole in the Wall lighthouse, about 15 miles from the main road. We need a truck or jeep to manage the road down there. We are driving through part of the Abaco Natioal Park. Along the way you will be able to see a variety of birds , and some beautifull scenery . If you are interested in caves, you can experience that too.

The lighthouse was build in 1836, and is the oldest one in Abaco. It was automated in 1995 It was named after the hole in rocks that was there until Hurricane Sandy removed it in 2012

Sea glass

Sea glass

I know the very best beaches to find sea glass in abundance

The real sea glass can take 7 - 10 years to make. It is glass ( bottles etc) that are broken and then tumbled smooth by waves and current. It is supposed to be well frosted, with no shiny spots and with smooth edges.

Beautifull jewelry and sculptures can be made out of sea glass


Abaco has abundant corals, underwater caves and barrier reef drop offs, all with lots of tropical marine species.

more info later